COVID update: Masking requirements extended at King’s and Dalhousie; Campus check to be suspended

COVID update: Masking requirements extended at King’s and Dalhousie; Campus check to be suspended

Dear students, faculty and staff,

As communicated on March 2, there is an ongoing obligation of everyone on the King’s campus to wear at least a 3-ply mask in all indoor spaces and to continue to comply with Campus Check until May 1.

Reflecting concerns regarding the current increase in Covid-19 cases in Nova Scotia and with the advice of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee (OH&S), King’s will be extending our mask mandate to include Encaenia events scheduled at the end of May. Additionally, in our continued effort to work in tandem with Dalhousie, we are, like Dalhousie, extending King’s 3-ply masking requirements until at least June 10.   

We continue to encourage all members of the King’s community to get their vaccine and booster doses to help maintain and strengthen our already impressive vaccination rates. As of May 1, students, faculty, and staff will no longer be asked to provide proof of full vaccination to work and study on campus. Although the Campus Check program will be suspended, we will continue to monitor health and safety risks to our community and will consider reinstating Campus Check if necessary. This would only happen at King’s with the advice of our OH&S committee and any further deliberation on the matter we want to have as a community.

Given the current Covid situation, extending our mask requirements is the right thing to do for King’s and Dalhousie. As we have done throughout the pandemic, we will continue to consult with Public Health. If the situation improves, we may lift mask requirements earlier than June 10; we will also be prepared to extend them further if need be.

We continue to encourage the King’s community to take important additional steps for our shared health and wellness:

  • Stay home if you have symptoms or aren’t feeling well and get tested. Remember, it’s still a legal requirement to self-isolate if you have Covid symptoms or if you test positive—it’s also the right thing to do.
  • Consider wearing your mask in all situations that may present a greater risk of infection. In places where you are in close contact with others, assembled in large numbers, or simply shopping for groceries, etc., wearing a mask helps protect your health and the health of those around you.
  • Get your booster shot(s) and keep up with the latest vaccine guidance. As vaccine guidance evolves, stay up to date with your shots as additional booster doses become available to reduce your risk of infection and serious illness.

For the latest Covid information, including important government resources for testing and self-isolation, visit the Nova Scotia Health website or ukings.ca/coronavirus.



William Lahey
President, Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Law

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