Dalhousie CUPE strike set to begin Wednesday; no effect on King’s classes

Dalhousie CUPE strike set to begin Wednesday; no effect on King’s classes

Dear King’s students,

Earlier this evening Dalhousie distributed the following memo notifying students, staff and faculty that members of CUPE Local 3912 will be on strike as of 12:01 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday, October 19).

All King’s classes will continue as usual. Any students in Dalhousie courses affected by the strike will receive communications directly from their faculty or instructors at Dalhousie.



Sarah Clift
Vice President


To:           Dalhousie students, faculty and staff

From:       Laura Neals and Chris Hattie, Co-Assistant Vice-Presidents, Human Resources

Date:       Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Re:          CUPE strike set to begin Wednesday

We are disappointed to share the news that Dalhousie University and CUPE Local 3912 were not successful in attempts to come to a tentative agreement at the bargaining table.

CUPE Local 3912 has announced their members will be on strike as of 12:01 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday, October 19). This includes CUPE Instructors, Teaching Assistants, Markers and Demonstrators.

This is not the outcome we wanted. We recognize the value CUPE members bring to our campus community and share a commitment to achieving many of the goals the union brought to the table. We believe the university’s final proposal was both significant and responsive to the union’s concerns. In an effort to be fully transparent, the university’s final proposal that was presented to the CUPE bargaining team prior to talks breaking down will be made publicly available tomorrow on our Labour Relations website and shared with our Dal community.

Strike information and Q&As

We have launched a CUPE Strike Information Page on the Labour Relations website. There, you’ll find information and Q&As covering many of the impacts of a strike. Please continue to visit this page regularly in the coming days as we will continue to keep it up to date with the latest information.

During the strike:

  • Campus remains open.
  • Most Dalhousie classes will continue. Classes taught by CUPE instructors will be suspended for the duration of the strike. There may be impacts on coursework, assessment, and/or labs in other courses supported by CUPE Teaching Assistants (TAs), Markers or Demonstrators.
  • Students should watch for communications from their individual instructors, or their department or Faculty, for information on how their courses will be affected. Many of you should have received this already. If you have questions regarding specific impacts on courses and programs please consult your Faculty, department or program.
  • All other employees (faculty and staff) outside of CUPE are required to report to work as usual. This includes grant-paid employees and members of the DFA, NSGEU and PSAC bargaining units, as well as members of the DPMG, senior administration and other non-unionized employees.
  • We expect faculty, staff and students will continue to engage with one another in a respectful manner. Concerns relating to on-campus conduct should be raised with your supervisor and/or the appropriate campus support office.

You’ll find additional information and answers to many common questions (including picket line protocols) at the CUPE Strike Information Page.

As challenging as a CUPE strike will be for our Dal community, we have great confidence in the ability of our students, faculty and staff to work through these circumstances — just as we have successfully navigated other significant challenges over the past few years.

We are committed to exploring all options to reach an agreement with CUPE that will bring this strike to a swift conclusion.


Laura Neals and Chris Hattie
Co-Assistant Vice-Presidents, Human Resources

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