These are a few of my favourite King’s things

These are a few of my favourite King's things

King’s is a great place to get an education but it’s also a great place for activities outside the classroom. Hi, I’m Corey Auwaeter, a second-year King’s student studying Law, Justice and Society and a campus tour guide. I know we’re all learning and socially distancing at home right now, but this won’t last forever. Some of the things I’m most looking forward to once King’s and Dalhousie’s campuses reopen are…

  1. Wardroom Events

The Wardroom (‘Wardy’) is an awesome place to hang out any time of the day and my personal favourite spot on King’s campus. Most days I find myself in the Wardy at some point. During the day, it’s a great lounge where you can study or get some work done. And at night it transforms into a student-run bar. The Wardy often hosts karaoke nights, trivia nights and has live performances. This year I got to participate in a few of their trivia nights, including their Star Wars, Twilight and Riverdale Trivias. The hosts and their questions have always been hilarious and sometimes the answers are even funnier. The bands I’ve seen perform in the Wardy have always surpassed my expectations. I especially enjoyed the R&B jam session that was hosted this year. I love that no matter what time of day I go to the Wardy, I always find something going on, or someone I know.

2. Kickboxing

King’s Athletics Department isn’t only for varsity athletes. All students can sign up for fitness classes through King’s Athletics Department. We also have complete access to everything that is offered just next door at Dalplex, Dalhousie University’s fitness centre. This semester I signed up for a Saturday kickboxing class at Dalplex. This was perfect for me because I didn’t have much time in my schedule to commit to a team, but I still had the chance to be active every week. There are usually some pretty significant student discounts for the classes that are offered, which include yoga, swim classes and even rock-climbing. The coaches that I got to know were amazing teachers. They were helpful and funny, and that made it all a great experience. I’m glad I had an opportunity to learn a new skill, and I got to have a lot of fun along the way.

3. Society Events

Audience of the Conference of the ContemporaryKing’s and Dalhousie University both offer plenty of student societies, such as the creative writing society and the journalism society. This year I got to see King’s History of Science and Technology Society’s “Imagining Futures” conference. The student lectures were interesting and educational and it was great to see other students who were passionate about their research taking part in student panels. I also had the chance to be a part of Dalhousie’s Russian society. For my degree’s language requirement, I decided to learn Russian this year. Toward the end of the course, I got to participate in the society’s “Russian Night.” It was a great event with recitals of classic Russian poetry and performances of famous Russian songs.

4. Retreats

King’s Chapel offers several student retreats throughout the school year that are open to any student, whether you’re religious or not. They may not technically qualify as on-campus activities since you board a bus and go somewhere, but they start and end at King’s so I’m counting them. This year I took part in the chapel’s winter retreat, and it was probably my favourite weekend of the year. We drove out to Kejimkujik National Park, where we stayed overnight in cabins. We got to go hiking, hang out by the fire and listen to performances from the phenomenal King’s Chapel Choir. The retreat was a perfect getaway from the city, and was timed perfectly so that most students had finished just their exam season. It was great to relax for a little while just after coming out of the most stressful time of the year. The cabins were cozy and the amazing kitchen staff had us fed really well. I’m definitely planning on joining them again next year.

I’m sure you’ll find your own favourite things at King’s as there really is something here for everyone. If you’re interested in finding out more about life on campus, register for one of the upcoming campus tour webinars. I hope to see you at King’s sometime soon!

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