FYP Letters — Illumination

FYP Letters — Illumination

FYP Letters is a series of non-curricular notes to keep us in touch over the next days and weeks. They are a combination of original writings and archival ones, including some re-printed FYP News items. — Dr. Susan Dodd, Interim FYP Director.


The miracle is

that the leaves

outside my


eat sunlight

just as I craved

eating the

illuminated page

with gold leaf

behind a saint

I did not


whose face was

bright like the


and I thought

if I were a leaf

I could eat

her brightness

because I knew

one thing:

I was as hungry

as a tree

full of leaves,

waiting to be lit

from the inside.

(“Illumination” is from Christopher Snook’s book of poems, Tantramar Vespers. It is the only possible letter that FYP could send you on this most unprecedented FYP Essay Sunday. –ed)

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