FYP Letters — Wasteland

FYP Letters — Wasteland

FYP Letters is a series of non-curricular notes to keep us in touch over the next days and weeks. They are a combination of original writings and archival ones, including some re-printed FYP News items. — Dr. Susan Dodd, Interim FYP Director.


The broken ruins of Troy continue to fall all around us,

the ashes of fallen empires dust the earth like snow

but who will found Rome? I see no Aeneas among us but perhaps

the ghost of Perpetua lingers still, her voice calling out to us in

anger in between the pillars of our world.

They say the oceans are rising, and I wonder:

Is this Fortuna on her way to drown us? To fill our lungs with her poison until

we become fragile shells of our past selves, loving no one and reverting back?

Is our natural state really war? Yes, Fortuna flows out from our mouths like the rivers of

blood streaming through the streets of Paris, and

what if this is where we find our hero!

What shall we do if she is put forth for the Guillotine?

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