HOST grad values ability to contextualize science without diluting it

HOST grad values ability to contextualize science without diluting it

HOST grad Laura Little.

The History of Science and Technology (HOST) program at the University of King’s College felt like a permission slip which finally allowed me to focus on the who, where, when, and why of science.

I first heard about the program when I was studying Biology at Dalhousie where I learned how it was done, but all the while, I remained curious about the giants whose shoulders I stood on.

In my early days in HOST, I learned that Darwin was not, in fact, inspired to write On the Origin of Species after observing the finches in the Galápagos. I learned that this textbook story was more akin to the story of Newton and his falling apple—simple, digestible, but ultimately, misleading. Considering that we live in an era of widespread misinformation, I felt especially betrayed that this dumbed down version of a story was taught to me in high school. Besides, the real story is far more interesting.

I am now halfway through my Master of Library and Information Studies degree at Dalhousie University with a focus on education. As an intern at the Killam Library, I’ve been working closely with one of our librarians in programming events and creating displays to celebrate Science Literacy Week. I get to liaise with and promote the faculty and students who are making important strides in science at Dal. My ability to contextualize science without diluting it is invaluable in this role.

When I graduated with a combined BSc in Biology and HOST, I wasn’t sure that I’d made the right choice because I didn’t know how my studies would translate into a job. Now, in hindsight, I know that what I learned through HOST has been a huge bolster to my career and personal growth. I get to do work that I am passionate about in promoting information literacy and critical thinking, truly vital aspects of scientific inquiry.

Laura Little, BSc(Hons)’13, is a reference intern at the Killam Memorial Library and Teaching Assistant – Professional Communication Dalhousie MGMT. She’s a 2019 Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) candidate at Dalhousie University.

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