International King’s alumna describes why she chose Canada

International King's alumna describes why she chose Canada

Minglu (Lu) Xu, MJ’18, is a freelance journalist and marketing professional who helped launch Polestar Student Immigration News. Polestar offers in-depth coverage of immigration issues for international students through investigative journalism, informed analysis and comprehensive reporting.

At Encaenia, Lu Xu, MJ’18, posed with King’s President William Lahey, calling him, “The coolest president I will always miss.”

Lu is one of thousands of international students from more than 140 countries who have enrolled in N.S. universities, colleges, and schools. She shared her reasons for choosing to study in Canada and at King’s in a recent online article for Polestar.

“Contrary to the common belief, it’s never about how high you get paid or how good the weather is, for many newcomers, it’s that sense of belonging, the small kind gestures help us decide to make this our home,” Lu says.

Lu, who has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Sichuan International Studies University and an art management degree at the University of Melbourne, says many friends—both Canadians and Chinese—asked her why she left Australia. She says she loved the art gallery, theatre performances and amazing food there, but during her time in Canada, came to regard it as a place she could call home one day. Her top three reasons, she says, are because Canada is safe, Canadians are nice and because it’s affordable for international students compared with some countries like the U.S. and Australia.

Lu says she is satisfied with her choice to study journalism at King’s. “I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone and learned some practical journalism skills.” Her work has appeared in Walrus.ca and on CBC.

She notes receiving the help of programs like Stay in Nova Scotia, a year-long program organized by EduNova Co-operative Ltd., that offers professional development and mentorship services to selected international students.

“I was embraced by the city and it has grown on me. Thank you, Halifax. This is not the end, but a new beginning!”

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