Journalism bursary established in memory of Captain Jenn Casey

Journalism bursary established in memory of Captain Jenn Casey

The University of Kings College, Halifax, is honoured to announce the establishment of the Captain Jenn Casey Memorial Journalism Bursary.

All of Canada mourned Jenn’s passing. A proud member of the RCAF and an alumnus of King’s, Jenn lost her life on May 17, 2020, in Kamloops, BC, in a tragic accident when her Snowbirds jet crashed during Operation Inspiration, an air show that was staged by the RCAF to raise the spirits of Canadians in the difficult, early stages of the COVID pandemic.

To honour her memory, Jenn’s family and friends, including her fellow King’s alumni, have established the Captain Jenn Casey Memorial Journalism Bursary to help ease the burden of university costs for a journalism student at King’s, where Jenn graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Journalism degree, and where she so fully engaged her love of politics and her passion for storytelling.

The bursary will be awarded annually to a student enrolled in the School of Journalism who demonstrates, as Jenn so nobly did during her lifetime, “community spirit and involvement.”

Proud to have created this memorial bursary, Jenn’s family and friends are equally proud to announce its establishment to their many friends, colleagues and acquaintances, and to Nova Scotians and Canadians at large. With increased awareness it is hoped that all will have the opportunity to support the bursary with a charitable gift. In this way the bursary will become the vital education tool it aspires to be.

Prior to becoming Public Affairs Officer for the renowned Snowbirds acrobatic team, Jenn had worked as a journalist, as well as a producer of news radio, having worked in Ontario as well as her native Nova Scotia. At the time of the accident, Jenn was 35 years old.

Gifts in support of the Captain Jenn Casey Memorial Journalism Bursary are welcome. To become part of Jenn’s legacy—and the King’s College legacy, as well, by enabling future students to have the same dynamic education that Jenn herself experienced—you may give online or contact Paula Johnson in the Advancement Office. Thank you for your generous support.

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