King’s alumni are gathering around the world to celebrate today

King’s alumni are gathering around the world to celebrate today

The second annual Worldwide Alumni Celebration (WAC) is underway today, with groups of King’s alumni meeting around the world.

“The King’s WAC isn’t your standard rubber chicken dinner event. It allows alumni to participate in the ways that they want to participate. It’s an organic, fun way to stay connected to King’s,” says Chère Chapman (BScH ’94), Chair of the 2017 Worldwide Alumni Celebration.

WAC kicked off in Toyko where Ashley Promislow (BAH ’15) and Lisa Takagi (BJ ’16, MJ ’17) met for sushi.

This year’s event builds on the success of gatherings in 25 cities in the first-ever WAC which happened Oct. 20, 2016.

“I was amazed by the geographic diversity and range of locations for the 2016 WAC,” says Chapman. People found unique ways to celebrate, from croquet in Corner Brook to dinner at the Opera House in Sydney, Australia.

Alumni celebrations today are happening across the country from Newfoundland to B.C., and outside of Canada in places including New York City and Berlin. Each group is hosting an event of their choosing and creation, be it an afternoon tea, wine and cheese in someone’s home or a meet-up at a pub. In Corner Brook, N.L., alumni are gathering for a guest lecture on Shakespeare’s life in Stratford and a potluck related to Shakesperean England.

In Charlottetown, Elizabeth (BA ’90) and Owen Parkhouse (BAH ’90), Jim (BSc ’54) and Nancy Ibbott, Todd MacEwen (1988), Irene Novaczek (BScH ’75), Sally Pitt (BJH ’84) and Sara Fraser (BJH ’88) met at the Old Triangle.

“WAC is a call to King’s alumni to come together to catch up and reminisce about life at King’s,” says King’s Alumni Relations Officer Kathy Miller. “Alumni have a lot of fun and carry on the tradition of helping King’s.”

Groups are sharing pictures on social media using the hashtag #UkingsWAC. Please check out Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and feel free to comment and send a selfie or group shot using this hashtag.

The theme this year is Bring a Friend, Find a Friend. “We want to use the WAC as an opportunity to reconnect lost alumni with King’s. We also want to have alumni reach out to potential new students,” says Chapman, adding that King’s alumni are in the best position to know who might enjoy and benefit from a King’s experience.

“King’s holds a special place in my heart. It’s an honour to have the opportunity to help out and stay connected to King’s,” says Chapman. “There are many so opportunities for alumni to give back and to continue learning through King’s.”

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