King’s Receives Increase in Operational Funding from the Province

King's Receives Increase in Operational Funding from the Province

President Lahey’s message to the community:

The Honourable Labi Kousoulis, Minister of Labour and Advanced Education, has announced that the provincial operating grant for King’s, currently at $5,988,000, will be increased by $2.2 million, starting in the current fiscal (and academic) year.

This is a tremendous vote of confidence in King’s and its future as well as an important recognition that King’s is confronting difficulties caused significantly by factors beyond our control. While it does not eliminate those difficulties, it does put the university on a much stronger financial footing while King’s continues to implement the combination of measures and changes necessary to ensure its long-term stability and viability.

On behalf of us all, I want to thank the Minister and his government for recognizing the value and importance of King’s unique programs to its students and to Nova Scotia, and also for recognizing King’s contribution to the province’s system of post-secondary education and all that the overall system contributes to Nova Scotians. In the coming weeks and months, there will be a wide range of discussions about the implications of this increase in government funding and the range of additional measures that we must take to complete the job of securing our College’s future. In the meantime, best of the holiday spirit to you all and to your families.

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