King’s School of Journalism wins three 2018 Canadian Online Publishing Awards

King’s School of Journalism wins three 2018 Canadian Online Publishing Awards

Presented by Masthead Magazine, the Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPAs) bring together media brands and companies that are producing content online, highlighting Canadian talent and great journalism being produced across the country.

This year, King’s received two gold awards and one silver.

The Signal is produced by University of King’s College Journalism Students.

King’s won gold for Best Publication (academic) which includes The Signal website, the portal for online student work in the School of Journalism, and The Signal’s social media platforms.

“It’s truly a win for everyone,” says Terra Tailleur, Assistant Professor, Mulitimedia.

King’s won another gold  for Best Video Content (academic) for the Dec. 1, 2017 show, The Signal’s penultimate broadcast of 2017. It was produced in a workshop taught by Assistant Professor of Journalism, Susan Newhook. The workshop is for senior Bachelor of Journalism (Hons) and one-year post-baccalaureate Bachelor of Journalism students. It’s become increasingly mobile in recent years and with shows produced entirely on smart phones, iPods and iPads.

WATCH: The Signal’s award-winning Dec. 1, 2017 broadcast

“Our students are learning to work across platforms, with smartphones as well as newsroom-based technologies and workflows,” Sue says. “They reinforce the importance of the Signal’s focus on multimedia and mobile journalism.”

King’s also won silver for Best Interactive Story (academic) for 90435am, a package of stories about the Halifax Explosion named for the second that the two ships collided in 1917 (9:04:35 a.m.) It is a suite of on-line stories by third year and master students who did archival research and interviews, and a digital map produced by students in the master of journalism program.

“These awards help students and the public see that their hard work here is valued and relevant in the profession,” Sue says.

Entries are reviewed by a panel of content, creative, digital, web tech, marketing, media and advertising experts and winners are selected in 15 categories across three divisions.

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