King’s student-athletes say receiving awards boosts their confidence

King’s student-athletes say receiving awards boosts their confidence

Athletic Director Neil Hooper and team at the Alumni Annual Golf Tournament.

Alumni and friends enjoyed a beautiful day at Granite Springs Golf Club on Aug. 16 for the annual Alumni Association King’s Golf Tournament.

Thanks to the generous support of sponsors, golfers and friends, the Alumni Association raised crucial funds for King’s Athletics that the department uses for programs and to offer $1,000 awards to 10 student-athletes.

King’s Athletics Director Neil Hooper said the department is “so grateful” to receive these gifts.

Blue Devils athletes Abby Hourigan and Morgan MacIntosh

“In a global sense, the coaches feel that they have something to offer students for their abilities as they compete with other schools in recruiting top student-athletes,” Hooper said. He also noted how proud the recipients are. “Students who receive these awards feel that their contributions to the university are being recognized in a very special way and without these funds it would be a lot more difficult for them to afford the cost of their education.”

King’s student and Blue Devils soccer player Morgan Macintosh is one of the students who received an athletics award.

“Receiving awards like these always stays in the back of my mind every time I step on the field. I am not only playing for myself but my team, my school, and the people who make [it] possible,” Macintosh said. “It makes me really proud to know people believe in me and want me to succeed so I always try and put my best foot forward and make the university proud in return. “

Abby Hourigan, a member of the Blue Devils volleyball team, also received the award. She said, “My athletics award was recognition of the countless hours I have dedicated to volleyball since I was seven years old. But more than that, it made me feel that I was truly supported by the King’s community. It was a huge boost for my confidence and motivated me to give my all for King’s and my teammates.”

“It makes me really proud to know people believe in me and want me to succeed.”—Morgan Macintosh

Macintosh said receiving award money takes a lot of stress and anxiety off of the expenses associated with being a full-time university student.

“I would just like to thank everyone who played a part in making these awards possible. The impact you can have on a student athlete is tremendous and should never go unnoticed. I appreciate everything the university has done for me and am honoured to put on the Blue Devils jersey and be a part of such a wonderful community.”

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