King’s updates to Matriculation 2.0 due to COVID-19

King's updates to Matriculation 2.0 due to COVID-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, King’s brought its 19th century tradition into the 21st century as hundreds of new students recited the Latin oath and became official members of the King’s community via Zoom.

It was unlike any King’s Matriculation to date and at the same time it seemed oddly familiar for 2020. COVID-19 means many new students are not physically on campus, or even in Halifax, this year to begin their experience at King’s. Because Matriculation is an important part of the King’s experience, the ceremony went on regardless of the current social distancing restrictions.

King’s brought its 19th century tradition into the 21st century with Matriculation 2.0. Approximately 270 students from all over the world logged in to a virtual ceremony on Tuesday, September 29 to mark their ceremonial entrance into the King’s community.

An incredible effort by staff and faculty behind the scenes made for a high-quality production for students and members of the King’s community at home.

Matriculation signals King’s commitment to the education of the enrolling student and the student commitment to their responsibility as a contributing member of the King’s community.

Hosting Matriculation on a platform like Zoom created a unique vibe. Whether it was someone eating a bowl of soup during the opening remarks or a young student decked out in a white tuxedo appearing on the screen, the incoming King’s students made the ceremony their own.

Befuddled faces flipped across the frame as dozens of voices tried to recite an oath in Latin at the same time. Far from in sync, amusement quickly erased any confusion and a sense of community fell on the event.

In his address, King’s President Bill Lahey underscored the importance of living and learning in community. That’s why King’s is both a university and a college. It’s why it has these traditions.

Participating in Matriculation is a pledge to that community and an acceptance of a promise by King’s. As a new student, you will always be part of the King’s community, and King’s will always be there for you. Not just for now, but forever. Not only in Halifax, but wherever life may take you.

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