King’s welcomes Loran Award winners

King’s welcomes Loran Award winners

Most scholarships only recognize past academic achievement. The national Loran Award, by contrast, focusses on the future, investing in young leaders committed to making an impact through service to society.

And King’s is delighted to welcome two of the 33 Loran Scholars for this year: Katie Clarke of Ottawa and Adri Vanos from Guelph, who were selected from more than 4,000 applicants from across Canada.

Recognized as one of the country’s most prestigious undergraduate programs, the Loran Awards challenge recipients to explore their passions and grow as community-minded individuals dedicated to leading with integrity. Each award, valued at $100,000 over four years, includes a package of financial support, summer internships, mentorship support and access to a worldwide network of Loran alumni.

As Adri explains, “The Loran Awards are built on the principle that service, character and leadership matter, and represent an opportunity to explore and push yourself outside your comfort zone.”

“In a world where we weigh paper grades and rankings, it’s reassuring to know that dedication and heart are still pillars of our society.”

“Loran Award recipients are like a family,” says Katie. “The community of scholars across Canada is an amazing network of youth doing inspiring things and making positive change happen.”

Loran Scholars Adri Vanos (left) and Katie Clarke (right).

For both Adri and Katie, King’s was the obvious choice of university. “I paid a visit to the university before entering Grade 12 and instantly fell in love with the school and the program,” says Adri, who’s considering a major in English or Anthropology. “I’ve always had a passion for reading, philosophy, poetry and liberal arts, and I knew I’d be able to fuel these passions at King’s.”

“I love all things writing- and humanities-oriented,” adds Katie. “I’m looking forward to getting involved in theatre and social justice, wherever those two areas meet, and am psyched to investigate extra-curriculars I’ve not tried before.”

King’s was also the choice of two past Loran Scholars: Sarah Burns, BA (Hons), ECON minor in Political Science, and Laura Thorne BA (Hons), CTMP and Social Anthropology, who both graduated in 2015. Sarah subsequently attended Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.



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