Message Concerning the Importance of Vaccinations

Message Concerning the Importance of Vaccinations

Dear King’s community,

In April, I had the great pleasure of announcing that our plan for the fall of 2021 is to have a return to largely in-person classes and community life. As we move toward this goal together, we recognize there are factors we can control, and those we cannot. I write to ask that we make a collective effort on those we can.

As Nova Scotians have seen, the potential remains for case numbers to rise, and for the pandemic to take hold here—endangering lives for some and restricting freedoms for all.

In difficult times like these, our individual contributions may seem small compared with the threat of the virus, or the limitation of our freedoms, but when we act together these contributions become mighty. For those of us in Nova Scotia, respecting the temporary restrictions now in place is a crucial measure each one of us can take to help ensure that the present restrictions can be lifted as soon as possible—hopefully allowing all of us to enjoy a beautiful summer in the company of friends and family and increasing the odds of our success in achieving a safe return to an in-person campus in the fall.

President William Lahey receives his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

Perhaps the single most impactful step each one of us can take to move us to that goal is to participate in the vaccination program being so successfully administered right now by the Government of Nova Scotia. As of next week, everyone aged 12 and over will be eligible to receive a first dose. I urge every one of you—students, faculty, staff and all members of the King’s community to make your vaccination appointment as soon as you are eligible. A successful vaccination campaign will help Nova Scotians to emerge from this lockdown and avoid the threat of returning to the difficult and dangerous position we find ourselves in presently. It is something each one of us can do for ourselves and for our communities, and it is vital to our collective efforts to restore campus life to King’s.

For those of you who look forward to coming or returning to Nova Scotia in the fall, please get vaccinated as the opportunity presents itself in your home community.

A vaccinated King’s will be a safe King’s!

And for those who have already received your first dose, I thank you for your contribution to our shared cause.

If you have questions about what it means to be vaccinated or how the vaccine campaign is being administered in Nova Scotia, I would invite you to review this document [PDF] shared by the Government of Nova Scotia providing comprehensive information about what vaccines are, why you should get one, and how you can get one in Nova Scotia.

For international students coming to Nova Scotia, the provincial government has prepared a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions [PDF] that details the process for international students planning to enter Canada and Nova Scotia for the fall 2021 semester, why these measures are in place, and how you can get tested and access support during quarantine.

We know that brighter days of togetherness are ahead. Let’s waste no time in doing what we can to speed and assure their arrival.

William Lahey,
President and Vice-Chancellor

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