Need some summer reading ideas?

Need some summer reading ideas?


July 2015

Dear incoming students (FYP class of 2016),

Greetings! We hope you are having very restful and pleasant summer vacations, and that you are eagerly anticipating the exciting year ahead. By now, you might have taken a moment to review the FYP booklist – which, to be sure, does not exhaust the curriculum for the year (there are additional readings in the Handbooks you will receive upon arrival in September), but it should give you some sense of the scope and diversity of our reading list.

Remember that you are not required to have done any reading before the beginning of the academic term. However, if you are able and eager to get started, we suggest that you peruse the recommended ‘stylebook’ from Stanley Fish, How to Write a Sentence and How to Read One and the first great work of the year, The Epic of Gilgamesh.

Remember, too, that the programme annually hires an AV person – someone willing and able to help us with our technical needs before and during lecture. We can be reached by phone at 902.422.1271, ext. 215 or by email at pat.dixon@ukings.ca

Finally, please be aware of Dalhousie’s Advising and Access Service Centre (AASC). Students who may require this service are advised to direct their inquires to AASC as soon as possible.

We are very excited to meet you in the Fall!

Very best wishes for the remainder of your summer,

Daniel Brandes, Director – FYP


Pat Dixon, Administrative Secretary – FYP


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