Night FYP breathes new life into fundamental texts

Night FYP breathes new life into fundamental texts

Night FYP began last academic year (2016-17) as a way to give students in the Foundation Year Programme (FYP) an opportunity to experience directly, through a combination of performance and lecture, the “worlds” of thought and culture they study during the day in FYP.

Night FYP is optional for King’s students and open to community members. Most events are free. It is a celebration and extension of classroom learning, designed to enlighten and engage. As the name suggests, it happens in the evening.

Artists and teachers from King’s and Dalhousie and from the broader Halifax community have offered their craft to our students and to the general public of Halifax in a series of events connected throughout the academic year to the curriculum of FYP.

“It is our hope that Night FYP can be a forum through which the intense academic work of the Foundation Year Programme can meet with the vibrant work of culture and interpretation alive on our university campus and in the artistic community of Halifax, and produce ‘a sea change into something rich and strange’ (Shakespeare, Tempest),” says Dr. Neil Robertson, director of the Foundation Year Programme.

This fall has produced a robust schedule of Night FYP lectures. Dr. Jack Mitchell lectured on the topic Reviving Homeric Epic: Oral Performance, Verse Storytelling, and a Canadian Iliad. Zuppa Theatre hosted Pop-Up Love Party, Plato’s Symposium reimagined. Dr. Daniel Brandes introduced The Sarajevo Haggadah: Music of the Book. Dr. Estelle Joubert lectured on Renaissance Music: “Tuning” the Soul with the King’s College Chapel Choir. And Catherine Martin’s lecture Storytelling on Unceded Mi’kmaq Territory ended the Night FYP semester.

The winter schedule follows:

Villain’s Theatre: The Blazing World, by M. Cavendish
Thursday, January 18, 2018
7:30 pm, KTS Lecture Hall

Dr. Roberta Barker – Rousseau & Rameau
With musical performances
Wednesday, January 24, 2018
7:30pm, Alumni Hall*

Dr. Marcia Swanston – Liederabend: An Evening of Song
With musical performances
Thursday, February 8, 2018
7:30 pm, President’s Lodge*

Paul Halley – 20th Century Choral Music
With the King’s College Chapel Choir
Thursday, 15 March 2018
7:30 pm, King’s Chapel*

Drums and Organs, or, The Modern Frankenstein, by G. Clark
Directed by Dr. Roberta Barker
Wednesday, March 28, 2018
7:30pm, Dunn Theatre, Dalhousie Arts Centre

Please join us at any or all of the above.

Night FYP is made possible through the generous support of a donor.

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