Regarding the KSU’s social media posts

Regarding the KSU’s social media posts

Dear King’s Community,

Following recent social media posts from the King’s Students Union (KSU), I believe it is important to clarify that the KSU is a student-governed organization that operates independently of the university administration.

A recent social media post (now amended) shared by the KSU included incendiary language. For many Jewish people, “from the river to the sea, Palestine shall be free”, is a statement that negates Israel and its people and is widely considered by some, including members of our college community, to be antisemitic.

We are committed to free speech but also responsible speech.

Finally, I assure everyone that in light of the KSU statement the university has reached out in multiple ways to Jewish students to ensure that they feel respected and safe and that they have the supports they may need.



William Lahey
President and Vice-Chancellor

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