Return to Campus update and IGTV live on Friday

Return to Campus update and IGTV live on Friday

Dear students,

We are so excited to welcome you to campus and to Halifax. Whether you are a first-year student unsure of what to expect or an upper year student who dreams of being back on campus, we want to make one thing clear: being at King’s will be safe. King’s will be safely open and, with a few exceptions, courses will be in person this fall. Nova Scotia has strong public health measures in place and, by the time you are on campus, most Nova Scotians will be fully vaccinated. Meanwhile, under the leadership of Nova Scotia’s hero, Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotians have once again prevailed over the most recent wave of the pandemic and are now getting vaccinated at rates that will ensure it is our last one.

We also know that campus life may not be totally back to normal, at least not at the beginning. We may still have some necessary social distancing; masks might still be as essential as shoes, at least in some settings; and self-isolation might be required when you arrive from out of province. We know it is frustrating not to have all the answers, but we promise to provide timely updates and information as soon as we have it on issues like vaccine availability, travel restrictions, and other public health guidelines.

But fear not: so much of what makes life at King’s great will be waiting for you. The student union is planning orientation activities. The gym, library, bookstore, The Galley, and The Wardroom will be open with appropriate safety guidelines in place. Residences will be open and so will our dining hall.

We will continue to share new information as we get it and encourage you to stay up to date through the King’s channel of the Dal mobile app. A few other helpful resources and reminders:

  1. Registration dates:
    1. June 5, 2021 – graduate students and undergraduate Journalism students
    2. June 6, 2021 – undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences and the Faculty of Science
    3. June 12, 2021 – incoming students
  2. Registration FAQs
  3. Follow King’s on socialInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  4. Join President William Lahey and 3rd year student Livy Lyle for a live Q&A on Instagram, today at 4 p.m.! You can watch directly from the King’s Instagram

It has been a long, strange, and difficult journey to get to this point, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are confident we will have full sunlight by the time you arrive on campus.

We can’t wait to see you.



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