Urgent Need Bursary Program

Urgent Need Bursary Program

King’s is pleased to announce a new Urgent Need Bursary Program. This program is for students who find themselves in urgent financial need during any academic term. The program provides bursaries of up to $500, depending on the urgent need that is demonstrated by each applying student.

In recent consultations between the university and the King’s Students’ Union, students stressed the additional difficulties facing some students with recent increases in inflation. This feedback, combined with a review of King’s existing bursary program, inspired the creation of the Urgent Need Bursary Program.

To apply, students email awards@ukings.ca using the subject “Urgent Need Bursary” and provide a one-paragraph description of the urgent need and the circumstances giving rise to it. As ever, the privacy and confidentiality of each applying student will be respected.

Urgent need bursaries will be paid directly to the students to whom they are awarded. They will not be applied against any money the student may owe the university on their student account.

Eligibility for urgent need bursaries is open to all students regardless of whether they have or are eligible for a student loan. The only eligibility requirement is to be in urgent financial need. Students requiring greater assistance than is available through the urgent need bursary program are encouraged to apply to the regular bursary program or the appropriate government-funded student aid program.

Like the Covid Student Emergency Relief Fund, in place for the last two years, this new program is based on mutual trust and the expectation that King’s students will continue to demonstrate the good faith they have demonstrated in relation to the Covid bursary program.

It is understood that this new program will not address all the financial difficulties facing students in the current economic circumstances. It is, however, hoped that it will help and that it will complement the increases in the number of students who receive financial awards in the form of a scholarship or bursary (or both) and increases in the average amount received by each student who receives a scholarship or bursary (or both), that took effect in 2018-2019.

We want to recognize and thank the generous donors, including former students, whose contributions to the college will assist with the funding of these bursaries.

Students who have questions or who would like more information about applying for an urgent need bursary, or any bursary, should contact  awards@ukings.ca.


William Lahey
President and Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Law

Julie Green

Katie Merwin
Dean of Students

Bonnie Sands

Funding for the Urgent Need Bursary Program is made possible through the Joan D. Clayton Fund, the Covid Student Emergency Relief Fund supported by alumni and friends, and the allocation to bursaries approved by the Board of Governors, University of King’s College.

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