Women’s Soccer shake rust, forge bonds vs. MSVU

Women's Soccer shake rust, forge bonds vs. MSVU

The ACAA Soccer season is always a whirlwind affair. A fast start in September, in conjunction with the start of school, always tests the mental and physical fortitude of participants. Tack on another 2 months and 10 less degrees, you’d be lucky if teams are able to play at all, let alone be primed with a competitive age.

This was the case for the UKC Ladies on their opening weekend friendly. Having received a transfusion of 8 new players in the offseason, 40% of the King’s side was untested in the ACAA ahead of Saturday’s friendly. In the teams first full scale outing, head coach Gary Carter substituted liberally, tinkering with personnel, shape, and chemistry, ensuring all rookies saw adequate time to acclimate.

A 0-0 halftime made way for 2 MSVU goals in the second half; the first a solo effort by former All-Canadian, Mariah Wright, and the second a defensive hiccup that saw King’s keep Molly Lash-Burrows caught off her line and chipped. Despite not cracking the scoresheet, the King’s Ladies saw a flurry of offensive opportunities, specifically in the second half. Strikers Olivia Falkeham and Anna Dugandzic both had half-chances at net; and the introduction of winger Lauren Heaslip slightly before halftime gave King’s a much needed dose of pace on the flanks.

Describing the weekend’s match as “purely academic” could not be more appropriate. Having seen the opponent and, more importantly, his own team in full tilt, Carter will study the the findings of this scrimmages many experiments, before preparing a fresh approach for next weekends rematch at home.

Final Score: 0-2 L

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