Ashley Nixon

Ashley Nixon

Assistant Dean of Residence Life


| Assistant Dean

Ashley Nixon Ashley Nixon

BA (Saint Mary's), BSW (Dalhousie)

Pronouns: they/them

BA (Saint Mary’s University), BSW (Dalhousie University)

When I first moved into residence at Saint Mary’s University in 2009, my Residence Assistant (RA) greeted me with enthusiasm, kindness and joy. They explained how they could support me in residence throughout my year on their floor and how I could get involved in residence life. This inspired me to become an RA and cultivate my love for residence life.

I knew that I wanted a career in the helping field and pursued a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree at Dal in 2018. Throughout my two years in the BSW program, I kept connecting my new learnings back to residence life. This led to my decision to pursue a career in post-secondary student services.

As the Assistant Dean of Residence Life, I oversee the Don Team. Dons are either upper-year King’s students or young professionals who live within a residence floor or bay and provide support to residents in their community. They can help with peer support & mentorship, community building & programming, conflict resolution between community members and providing referrals to campus supports. They are often the first line of support for individuals in residence.

How Can I Help:

As the Assistant Dean of Residence Life, I am available to all residents, and I can help with:

  • Referrals to resources that can assist a resident navigate the many challenges that come with university life.
  • Connecting residents to residence-wide and campus-wide programming: Queering the Quad, Formal Meal, Big Night, the April Water Balloon Fight and more!
  • Encouraging residents to practice boundary setting to assist them in focussing on their personal and academic goals.
  • Connecting with residents to learn about their needs and get their ideas for residence programs and supports.
  • Supporting residents after significant incidents or crisis situations.
  • Working with residents to create an individualized safety plan and/or crisis plan to help them through those tough moments.
  • Responding to violations of the Residence Guidelines and other conduct issues within residence.
  • Supporting roommate conflicts or conflicts between community members that escalate to the Assistant Dean of Residence Life.

Hobbies: cooking, live music, hiking and giving our cat, Pyewackett, an identity crisis by calling her everything but her name.

How I identify: queer, non-binary, white settler, advocate and cat parent.