Dennis House

Inglis Professor; Associate Professor of Classics

Dennis House Dennis House

MA(Dal), PhD(Liverpool)

In 1975, I completed my doctoral studies at the University of Liverpool and was appointed to the Dalhousie Classics Department. For the first five or six years, I taught Greek and Roman history and the Greek language. My area of teaching since those early years has been and continues to be in ancient philosophy and Greek. I have been a frequent contributor to the ancient section of the Foundation Year Programme. In 1996, I became a member of the joint King’s-Dalhousie faculty. I was chair of the Classics Department from 1998 until 2006.

Teaching and Research Interests

I am presently doing research on the history of ancient skepticism and Aristotle’s critique of Plato’s philosophy. Over the years, I have published papers on texts of Plato, Aristotle, Tertullian, Sextus Empiricus, and Augustine. I have begun work on the controversy regarding the relation of skepticism to philosophy in the period from Kant to Hegel. This research is closely connected to the research I am doing in the ancient period.