Jennifer O’Keefe

Jennifer O'Keefe

Assistant Registrar, Academic and Enrolment Services

Jennifer O'Keefe Jennifer O'Keefe


When I began my post-secondary journey, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do or where I would end up in my career, but I knew that I wanted to work in a field where I could help people. However, during my first few years of university, I struggled with my mental health, and because of this I withdrew academically and isolated myself socially.

After transferring to a new institution in my third year of study, I found a new sense of community and developed passions for politics, social justice and advocacy. I quickly became involved on campus in various ways, including working as a research assistant and getting involved in extra-curriculars and the Student’s Union. I found academic success in my degree after gaining insight into what supports were available to me as a student, ranging from academic advising to accessibility supports. After graduation, I began working primarily in non-profit settings in the areas of administration, program delivery and communications.

Because of these experiences, I understand that university can be an equally exciting and challenging time. I am so happy to be working as an Academic Services team member at King’s, and I am passionate about helping students navigate the complexities of degree-planning, academics, and achieving their desired goals – and I look forward to working with you to do just that!

How Can I Help:  As an academic advisor and provider of academic services at King’s, I can help with:

  • Course selection, scheduling and registration
  • Navigating degree options and pathways
  • Understanding degree requirements and where to go for departmental advising
  • Guidance and support with academic processes like waivers/appeals, grading policies, academic dates, withdrawals, academic standing, letters of permission, transcripts, honours forms and parchments
  • Questions about academic events like Matriculation and Encaenia
  • Information on and direction or referral to other student life and health and wellness supports

Hobbies: gardening, hiking, camping, reading, and snuggling with my Italian Greyhound

How I identify: white, settler, cisgender, queer, dog mom, partner, sister, daughter, friend

Pronouns: she, her, hers

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