Joanna Sheridan

Assistant to the Vice-President and Coordinator of Public Humanities and Experiential Learning

Joanna Sheridan Joanna Sheridan

BA(Hons) (Vind), MMSt (U of T) MA (Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto)

Joanna Sheridan’s role is a new one, intended to nurture and grow the academics-adjacent areas of the College, such as student employment, experiential learning, academic outreach, and research services, as well as the efficient day-to-day operation of the Office of the Vice-President. Sheridan is a King’s alumna returning from a long stint at U of T, where she did everything from managing contemporary art collections to coordinating teacher practicums and inter-college partnerships. Most recently she lead an entrepreneurial venture in the Department of Mathematics, designed to give students the opportunity to teach off-curriculum math topics to youth as part of their undergraduate experience. In everything she has done, the prevailing themes have been learning and the humanities (math included). She even returned to school along the way to write a philosophy thesis on the solution to the learner’s paradox in Plato and Merleau-Ponty. Sheridan is pleased to have the opportunity to think through and give shape to King’s special relationship to “public humanities,” in how we share our institutional expertise with the public and especially youth, and how we will help prepare our talented students to carry their humanities backgrounds with them into fulfilling careers and the rest of their lives beyond King’s.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have a question or interest relating to any area of her portfolio. If you are a faculty member interested in support for applied classroom learning, research services, or have an outreach idea that you need help getting off the ground, she wants to hear from you. If you are a community member interested in a potential experiential learning partnership with your organization or business, she wants to hear from you.