Kim Kierans

Professor of Journalism

| Master of Journalism, Journalism

| Faculty Member

Kim Kierans Kim Kierans

BA (Vind), MA (Saint Mary's University)

Kim Kierans graduated from the University of King’s College in 1983 with an honours degree in classics.

Professor Kierans also has a Masters degree in Atlantic Canada Studies from St. Mary’s University. She worked at the CBC, chiefly in radio, for more than 20 years before coming to teach at the King’s School of Journalism in 1997.

In 2003 she became the director of the journalism school, a position she held until 2010, when she assumed her role as vice president of the university. In addition to her administrative duties, Professor Kierans teaches in the Master of Journalism program. Her research areas include community media, concentration of media ownership and online learning.

Professor Kierans also teaches internationally. She is an adjunct faculty member at the Konrad Adenauer Asian Centre for Journalism at Ateneo de Manila University. Speaking about her undergraduate studies in the ancient and medieval worlds at King’s, she says, “Classics is definitely relevant. One acquires loads of transferable skills. I’m a better teacher, a better journalist, and a better administrator through having studied classics. Spending time with great thinkers and great literature makes one better in all facets of life.

Photo credit: Dhoui Chang Photographer