Livy Lyle

Don, The Angel's Roost

Livy Lyle Livy Lyle

Livy (she/her) is an upper-year student studying in the Classics and Contemporary Studies programs at both Dalhousie and King’s. Though originally from northern Ontario, this upcoming year will mark Livy’s fifth in Halifax. She is extremely excited to share the city with students who may be unfamiliar with it. Likewise, she is excited to share with new students the wonderful school that King’s is.

On a sunny day, you are likely to find her sitting on the Quad. Otherwise, she’ll be in the library or tucked into an empty classroom in the NAB. In her spare time, she likes to watch films, run, and above all, spend time with friends. She hopes students will feel comfortable coming to her with anything, whether that means having an extra pair of eyes on an essay or someone new to sit with at lunch.