Lyn Bennett

Associate Fellow | Professor, Department of English, Dalhousie University

Lyn Bennett Lyn Bennett

BA, MA (Dalhousie), MA (Carleton), PhD (Dalhousie)

Pronouns: she/her

Lyn Bennett is Professor and Chair of English at Dalhousie University, where she specializes in early modern literature as well as rhetoric and writing, writing by women, and literature in the history of medicine. As well as numerous scholarly articles and book chapters, she is the author of two monographs, a co-authored book, and co-investigator on the Early Modern Maritime Recipes database launched in April 2019. With Edith Snook of the University of New Brunswick, she is currently working on a scholarly edition and a popular book on early modern maritime recipes, and her interest in food, medicine, and agriculture extends also to growing organic wine grapes and many, many vegetables in rural Nova Scotia.

Selected Publications

  • Early Modern Maritime Recipes: Knowledge and Practice in the Atlantic World before 1800. MGill-Queen’s University Press. Forthcoming. (Co-Authored with Edith Snook).
  • Rhetoric, Medicine, and the Woman Writer, 1600-1700. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2018. (Refereed monograph).
  • Women Writing of Divinest Things: Rhetoric and the Poetry of Pembroke, Wroth and Lanyer. Medieval and Renaissance Literary Studies.  Pittsburgh: Duquesne UP, 2004. (Refereed monograph)
  • “Cultural Representations.” A Cultural History of Hair in the Renaissance. Edith Snook. London: Bloomsbury, 2019. pp. 145-55; 186-90.
  • “Meditation and Rhetoric in ‘The Discourse’.” The Image of Her Mind: An Collins and the Historical Imagination.  W. Scott Howard.  Farnham, Surrey and Burlington VT: Ashgate, 2014. pp. 39-52.
  • “Negotiating the Public and the Private: Rhetoric and Women’s Poetry in Interregnum England.” Rhetor 4 (2011).