Matthew Vanderkwaak

Matthew Vanderkwaak

Faculty Fellow

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Matthew Vanderkwaak Matthew Vanderkwaak
Office Hours

1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Wednesdays & Fridays
Office 265c, A&A building, basement

BA Humanities (Briercrest), MA Classics (Dalhousie), PhD Philosophy (University College Dublin, in progress)

Matthew Vanderkwaak is a faculty fellow in the Foundation Year Program. He completed his MA in Classics at Dalhousie studying late-ancient Neoplatonism and wrote his PhD dissertation, “Noble soul and the Metaphysics of Celestial Life,” at University College Dublin. His dissertation examines the reception of Greek and Arabic Neoplatonism in the Latin commentary tradition on the Book of Causes. Matthew is interested in the Platonic and Aristotelian traditions, mysticism, Neoplatonism, and the transmission of texts and ideas between the Greek, Arabic and Latin speaking worlds.