Miranda Dagley

Miranda Dagley

Peer Advisor

Registrar's Office

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Miranda Dagley Miranda Dagley

I started my time here at King’s in the Foundation Year Program. A year unlike any other, I took FYP from my childhood home just outside of Lunenburg, NS, fully online. Since then, I have taken both full and part-time course loads varying from online to in-person. As a result of my mental health and the pandemic, these years have been formative for me and have given me a solid understanding of the highs and lows of the university experience.

I am currently in the third year of my degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Classics, and I have valued the flexibility within my degree to pursue the certificate in Art History and Visual Culture as a supplement to my program. I have also taken courses from more than ten different departments between Dalhousie and King’s, pursuing an interdisciplinary approach within my program. My role as a peer academic advisor in the King’s Registrar’s Office has helped me find more purpose and structure for my degree, and I make it my goal to help others ease anxieties by planning and structuring their programs.

Tip for Success: Take time for yourself! While university can often be incredibly demanding, do your best to set aside time to do something that makes your heart happy. Binge some Netflix, have a Taylor Swift dance session with your friends, go for a walk, join a university club in your interests, or my personal favourite, go to a Halifax Mooseheads game and indulge the hockey lover in you. Academics are important, but your mental health and wellbeing are as well, so be kind to yourself.

How Can I Help: As a peer academic advisor, I can help with:

  • First and second year undergraduate academic advising appointments
  • Course selection, scheduling, and registration
  • Navigating degree options and pathways
  • Guidance and support with academic processes like grading policies, academic dates, withdrawals, and confirmation letters.
  • Understanding degree requirements and where to go for departmental advising
  • Information on and direction or referral to other student life and health/wellness supports and services

Hobbies: watching hockey, camping, spending time with friends, drinking galley mochas, finding new music, and telling everyone about my wiener dog, Larry.

How I identify: white, queer, genderqueer, settler, sister, daughter, hockey lover, and friend.

Pronouns: they/them, she/her