Stuart Pattillo

Alumni Association Representative

Stuart Pattillo Stuart Pattillo

Stuart works in agriculture finance with a focus on North American farmland and infrastructure investment. While his time at King’s was light on the agriculture and finance aspects of his career, Stuart is thankful to his King’s education for his ability to communicate effectively between a wide variety of stakeholders, from institutional investors, business owners and operators to local agriculture and conservation organizations and farmers. Despite acknowledging that King’s can be a challenging experience for any new student, Stuart’s advice is to get involved in everything that interests you and everything that challenges you. He believes the size of the university is its greatest advantage, as it gives students access to so many social, extra-curricular and academic opportunities on an intimate level. At King’s, Stuart played varsity volleyball and was involved with King’s Theatrical Society (KTS), which he remembers fondly for the remarkable outlets they provided to showcase and develop skills outside of the classroom.