Certificate in Heritage Studies

Certificate in Heritage Studies

This certificate is open to currently registered Dalhousie and King’s students in all Faculties.

The Certificate in Heritage Studies is a 12- credit hour certificate, comprised of course work and an institution-focused project. Students must have completed their first year of university (or 30 credit hours) and be in good academic standing, with an average of B or better, to enroll in the certificate program.

University of King's College

Learning Outcomes

  • You will learn how the heritage sector/heritage institutions function.
  • You will learn how historical knowledge and perspectives can be communicated to various audiences.
  • You’ll learn how historical knowledge can engage the community and be beneficial to groups, organizations, and institutions beyond academia.
  • You’ll develop an understanding of ethical and other critical issues associated with heritage projects and the practice of public history.
  • You will demonstrate project-management and team-work skills.

King’s courses

This Certificate is a 12-credit-hour certificate with several categories of requirements. These King’s courses count towards this certificate.


  • CTMP 2316.03:  The “Pictorial Turn” in Recent Thought, Art and Theory
  • CTMP 3322.03: Representations of the Holocaust: Remembrance

Consult Dalhousie's website for the full certificate requirements

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