Certificate in Science Leadership and Communication

Certificate in Science Leadership and Communication

This certificate is open to currently registered Dalhousie and King’s students in all Faculties.

The Certificate in Science Leadership and Communication aims to highlight the following aspects of your undergraduate program in science that includes the following:

  1. Leadership development through the sciences
  2. Communicating Science
  3. Ethics in Science
  4. Understanding the nature of science and how it works
  5. Practicum in leadership and communication in science
University of King's College

The focus of the Certificate in Science Leadership and Communication is to develop leadership and communication skills specifically in and through the sciences, and to enable Dalhousie Science graduates to better understand the nature of science, the process of change, and to have the skills to communicate and to lead others effectively. The Certificate is available to any student in the Faculty of Science.

King’s courses

This Certificate is a 15-credit-hour certificate has several categories of requirements. These King’s courses count towards this certificate.

Understanding the nature of science

  • HSTC 1801.03: Technology and Engineering: From Industrial Age to Cybernetic Age
  • HSTC 2400: Science and the Media
  • HSTC 2001.03: Beginnings of Wisdom: Science in the Pre-modern World
  • HSTC 2204.03: The Darwinian Revolution
  • HSTC 2205.03: Totalitarianism and Science
  • HSTC 2206.03: Biopolitics: Human Nature in Contemporary Thought
  • HSTC 3201.03: Science and Religion: Contemporary Perspectives
  • HSTC 3212.03: The Biosphere: Global Perspectives in Science and Philosophy
  • HSTC 3411.03: Feminism and Science
  • HSTC 4301.03: History of Neuroscience
  • HSTC 4001.03: Science and Nature in the Modern Period

Discipline-specific courses: situating your discipline

  • BIOL 4664.03/MARI 4664.03/ OCEA 4331.03/HIST 3073.03/HSTC 3331.03/SCIE 4000.03: History of Marine Sciences

Consult Dalhousie's website for the full certificate requirements

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