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Frequently Asked Questions for Students and Employers & Application and Program Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions for Students and Employers & Application and Program Timeline

For Students

What is the selection process for students? How will I be paired with an employment opportunity if I’m successful?

Students first apply to the fellowships program by submitting the online application. Successful students will then be able to apply directly to hiring managers for the fellowship opportunities that interest them. The application to hiring managers will consist of a cover letter, resumé, and the composition you have written for the first stage of the application. You are welcome to edit and tailor these documents for each application. Hiring managers conduct interviews and rank their candidates. Individuals who have received more than one offer will have the opportunity to take the fellowship of their choice.

How does the faculty reference work?

Students will seek permission from a faculty member to be a referee on their application. The referee does not write a reference letter for the application, but simply gives approval that you would represent King’s well in a workplace setting. The public humanities program coordinator will collect the reference from the referee.

This is not a traditional academic reference, as the objective is to offer work experience to students.

What are the opportunities this year?

Employers apply during the same cycle as students, so the specific opportunities this year are not yet known.

We strive to offer a range of placements that encompass many different roles and organizations. On the main page you can see a list of past placements. Students who are admitted to the applicant pool will receive a PDF detailing the opportunities to which they can apply.

Do I need to be able to relocate in order to participate?

It is not expected that you relocate to another city. Placements can be conducted remotely. If a student is located in the same location as their employer, on-site work is a possibility.

May I re-apply for a fellowship in subsequent years?

Students may only hold the fellowship once. Students who applied in a previous year and did not receive a fellowship are encouraged to re-apply.

For Employers

Must the applicant/supervisor be a King’s alumni?

Although one of the aims of the program is to engage alumni in the life of the college and help students grow their networks through meaningful contact with alumni, it is not a requirement that the applicant/supervisor is an alum.

How will I be paired with a student?

Hiring managers decide which students they want to work with through a standard job application process. Students will apply directly to hiring managers. Hiring managers will rank their candidates and submit the list to their program contact at King’s. The applications will come from a pool of students who have already passed through a competitive process so the number of applications will not be overwhelming and the students will be of a high calibre. Students will send you a cover letter, resumé, and a composition they have written on the connection between their education and what they hope to get out of the fellowship program.

If successful, when will I receive funds to pay my students? Are there any special financial requirements of a fellowship?

Employers will receive full payment of funds after signing an agreement. We ask that employers disburse their fellowship to students in increments, in a way that suits your organizational practices (for example, every two weeks or in alignment with another pay run schedule). A fellowship is non-taxable T4A income.

Are there exact dates and hours that are required of the placement?

The placement must be full-time for nine weeks. Full-time can be interpreted according to the standard at your organization, typically in the vicinity of 35 to 40 hours per week. The placement can be conducted any time during the summer, and should be concluded prior to Labour Day as students will be returning to school in the fall. Exact dates can be determined between the employer and incumbent. It is permissible to pause the placement for an unpaid week of vacation, if that is desirable for both parties.

My organization has hosted a fellow before. Am I eligible to apply again?

Yes, you are eligible to apply again. Preference will be given to organizations that have not participated before but we’re happy to have your expression of interest in working with a King’s student once more. If it is not possible to pair your organization with a student as part of the Undergraduate Fellowships in Public Humanities in a given year, there may be other opportunities we can bring to your attention.

Questions not answered above?

Joanna Sheridan

Manager of Experiential Learning and Public Humanities; Assistant to the Vice-President (On Parental Leave), Vice-President's Office

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Application and Program Timeline


General Schedule

2024 Schedule

Student and employer applications due Week 1 of process March 8
Student and employer applications adjudicated; successful employers contacted Week 2 of process March 11-15
Successful students invited to the pool; students have two weeks to apply to opportunities Weeks 3–4 of process March 18-29
Interviews conducted; rankings submitted Weeks 5–6 of process April 1-12
Matching based on rankings and acceptance of offers Week 7 of process April 15-19
Employers sign agreement. Funds will be transferred shortly after agreement is signed. Week 8 of process April 22-26
Placements can begin as soon as agreement is signed Week 9 on Placements can take place between April 29 – Sept 1, as soon as agreements are signed. Fellowship placements are 8-10 weeks in duration.