Eleanor Beaton

Business and Leadership Coach For Women

Bachelor of Journalism, 2003

In my own way I think I am an example of what’s possible.

“All things are possible,” says Eleanor Beaton. “It’s really about cultivating the belief in what you want to achieve.”

That’s what Eleanor tells her clients. Eleanor is an award-winning entrepreneur, podcast host, keynote speaker and women’s leadership development mentor. She coaches female entrepreneurs on how to achieve power, presence and strategic growth. It’s the first step to success, to having an impact.

“Then come the skills, the network, the resources, the people. Everything follows from what it is you want to create and your belief that you can actually do it… Our mission is to double the number of women entrepreneurs who generate more than seven figures in revenue per year.”

Eleanor comes by her focus on women entrepreneurs honestly.

“I have these incredible women in my life. My aunt was a super successful investment banker who left that industry and went on to become a best-selling author of financial thrillers. My mother gave me the understanding that economic empowerment is critical. If we are going to achieve any kind of gender equality in our society, you can’t do that without talking about money.”

Her role models gave Eleanor her direction. She went to King’s to acquire the skills she needed to create her own unique career path.

“The one-year journalism program was just perfect for me. What I learned became the heart of what I do—telling stories and communicating.”

After graduating Eleanor started her first business—a communications company. Her revenue goals were modest—typical Eleanor says of many women entrepreneurs.

“I was working with CEOs and politicians,” she explains. “I saw their success, but I didn’t think I could match that. Then I started to dream a little bigger about what was possible. I was exposed to women who thought big. And I began to think bigger as a result.”

Eleanor created her own brand and along with coaching, public speaking and consulting she began a podcast called Fierce Feminine Leadership. More than three hundred episodes in, it’s highly ranked on iTunes with over a million downloads.

Eleanor has learned from the women she has worked with that success has two parts.

“They will tell you that they want to make money but what they really want is to help people through their business.”

That’s what Eleanor does. She tells the story about one of her clients, Cheryl Thompson, who worked at Ford as a tool and die maker before climbing the ladder into management. Eleanor helped Cheryl create a whole new career.

“I was her coach, but she did this herself. While we worked together, she created The Centre for Automotive Diversity Inclusion and Advancement. This is an organization that works directly with North America’s biggest auto manufacturers to bring about diversity and inclusion in the automotive workplace. When I think of women like Cheryl, I realize they are hiring diverse suppliers and vendors. It’s a ripple effect. They are making real change towards gender equity.”

For Eleanor that is all important. In 2017, she won the prestigious Profiles in Diversity Women Worth Watching” Award for her work promoting diversity and inclusion.

“In my own way I think I am an example of what’s possible. I want people to see that your professional life is a great act of creation. You can use your skill sets to truly create your life as whatever you want it to look like.”

And help create a level playing field for women at the same time.

Posted: March 2020