Jocelyn Corkum

Studio Director, DHX Media; CBC News

Bachelor of Journalism (Hons.), 1986

I met terrific people from all over the world.

“I remember being 12 years old, watching sports commentators on TV. I thought that was such an amazing job, and at that moment, it was, ‘I want to do that.’ That’s what I wanted to do, and I stayed with it.”

Her determination served her well: in her final year of school, she was offered a full-time job with ATV. After juggling her final journalism semester around a 40-hour work week as ATV’s newest production assistant, Jocelyn remembers the kindness of her professors who helped her toward graduation.

“My final magazine article for Stephen Kimber’s class required more than one re-write,” Jocelyn recalls. “On my final draft he wrote, “B” …good luck at ATV”!”

During her internship, Jocelyn got to see the behind-the-scenes process of television. She was drawn to the challenge of directing; being able to see the big picture and bring together all of the elements to produce a piece of media.

Jocelyn went on to work in television for over 20 years; in news and production as an assistant director, director, producer, supervising producer, creative director and more. She has worked across the board – in breakfast television, political news and producing on ATV’s children’s show “Wonder Why?”, starring fellow alumnus Liam Hyland.

For Jocelyn, shining a light on individual stories is the most important aspect of working in television. “Human interest and community relationship is really what’s at the heart of all of us,” she says. “It’s up to us to showcase and give back.”

She left a wonderful career when her son turned five, diverting her energies into being his mom. Jocelyn went back to work in the industry, this time at CBC, when her son reached high school. She still performs a range of backfill positions with CBC News, moving fluidly between roles such as director, switcher and radio technician as needs arise. Two years after returning to work, Jocelyn also took on the additional job of a political researcher with DHX media’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes. In 2018, she took on the role of Studio Director, “And I love it!”

Jocelyn hails from a small community on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore. She remembers her brother dropping her off at King’s in the “big city” of Halifax, not knowing a soul. Her Alexandra Hall roommate was from a small Cape Breton town. They matched perfectly. “Thus began four great years of learning, listening, playing, writing and living. I met terrific people from all over the world,” says Jocelyn.

“King’s has made an impact on my life,” she reflects, “and on generations to come.”

Updated: Aug. 2020