Paul Thomson

Investor Relations Specialist, Numus Financial Inc.

Bachelor of Arts, 1990

If I have another 25 years of working, I’d rather it be in something I love to do every day.

Paul Thomson made a mid-point career change and it was his liberal arts background that gave him the confidence to make the move.

After graduation, Thomson “just kind of fell into” a career in the pharmaceutical industry. And even though he found success in the field, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing.

“I was always reading books about hedge funds and studying the markets. And that’s when my wife said, ‘you know, you should really think about making a career change’,” recalls Thomson. “And I thought, if I have another 25 years of working, I’d rather it be in something I love to do every day.”

Making a mid-point career change wasn’t easy. With a liberal arts background, Thomson had to study to receive certain qualifications he needed to work in the financial industry. He credits the Foundation Year Program for instilling in him a thirst for knowledge and the study skills he needed to retain the material.

“The Foundation Year Program was a life changing event,” says Thomson. “The critical thinking and ability to maneuver around different ideas is so important. An arts degree doesn’t narrow you into one particular field, it allows you the ability to change, like I did.”

Beyond the classroom, the small close-knit community of King’s allowed Thomson to grow, flourish, and forge friendships that he still has to this day. “I was talking to a fellow alumnus not that long ago,” he says “and we both agreed that we sort of ‘grew up’ during our Foundation Year. A lot of the experiences I had really changed everything for me. And many of my successes—along with the support of my family and friends—can be directly attributed to King’s.”

Posted: Oct. 2016