Trevor Adams

Instructor of Meteorology, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Bachelor of Journalism, 1998

Everyone knew I was going to be the weather guy.

Trevor Adams is happy to talk weather.

“It’s sunny right now,” he says from his Florida home, “but we have a broad low moving north of us that’s been giving us rain for the last few days.”

Trevor has been talking weather professionally, as a ‘TV weather guy’, for almost two decades. He says being a meteorologist was preordained.

“I grew up in farm country and the weather is always on your mind. I was a weather geek. I spent a lot of time watching the Weather Network. I could see myself doing it—talking about something you love and getting paid to do it. Everyone knew I was going to be the weather guy.”

Going to King’s gave Trevor a kick start.

“I did the one-year journalism program. The training really helped. Being able to tell the story is so important. It also gave me access to people. I did an internship and I was introduced to people at the Weather Network in Toronto. It got me connected.”

Trevor went on to study meteorology at Mississippi State University where he earned a Master’s degree in science. He landed a job as meteorologist on Global Maritimes TV. It led him to Toronto, but he returned to the Maritimes and continued as the Global weather guy, part time.

But Trevor had another passion—teaching. Before he went to King’s he had earned two degrees, including a Bachelor of Education.

While working part time in television, Trevor taught at the Nova Scotia Community College, at Saint Mary’s University and at Mount St Vincent University. He felt he needed more training though, going on to earn a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Calgary.

Trevor has managed to pursue both his passions in Florida. He teaches meteorology for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and works as fill in meteorologist for a national media company that has several TV stations in Florida. When he’s not in the classroom (face-to-face or virtual) you can find him in front of the green screen forecasting the weather on TV.

“Teaching and broadcasting are the same thing. In both cases I am giving you information to help you make better choices,” Trevor says. He goes on to say:

“I tell students after they leave here, after they take any class, they’ll be able to make better decisions. They now have information they didn’t have before. They can make informed decisions that they might not have been able to make before. And hopefully that will make the world a better place.”

The full-time faculty job at Embry Riddle is, Trevor says, perhaps his last stop on his journey. But in the next breath he allows that he has considered getting his medical degree.

“I’m a perpetual learner,” Trevor says.

Posted August 2018