Accessibility Initiatives

Appointment of an Accessibility Officer – King’s has hired Michelle Mahoney, its first full-time Accessibility Officer.

In accordance with the Accessibility Act, King’s has developed an Accessibility Plan that builds on the pillars outlined below. These pillars outline a comprehensive approach that will guide the university’s actions and enhance the educational and community experience King’s offers.

Accessibility Plan Pillars

  • Education
  • Teaching, Learning and Research
  • Information and Communications
  • Delivery of Goods and Services
  • Employment
  • Transportation
  • The Built Environment

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Built Environment Initiatives

Recent improvements include:

  • the installation of automatic operators on entryway doors in the Library, the New Academic Building, Alexandra Hall and in the Arts & Administration Building;
  • a single-person lift providing access to the Pit, King’s campus theatre;
  • updated signage and plans for future signage, including braille on signs and additional signage to help visitors find the most accessible path of travel;
  • upgrading of public washrooms to make them accessible, through the addition of elements including automatic door operators, locks and barrier-free thresholds;
  • improved levers and handrails in the Arts & Administration Building;
  • new accessible handrails on the stairs to the Arts & Administration Building and on the stairs to the library;
  • upgrades to the washrooms in Chapel, Middle and Radical Bays, to remove as many barriers as possible;
  • the University undertook a professional audit to identify barriers and to inform future accessibility improvements.
University of King's College

Alexandra Hall Accessibility Project

King’s is renovating its largest residence building, Alexandra Hall, to make it more accessible. Changes include the creation of an accessible entrance and the addition of accessible washrooms, bedrooms and an accessible laundry room. A new wheelchair-accessible elevator with ground-level access has been installed. This elevator will run from the basement to the third floor. The project will be completed in fall 2022.

Academic Initiatives

Academic initiatives pertaining to accessibility will be directed toward the following areas, as identified by the Education Working Group (EWG):

Climate of ableism and a relative neglect of accessibility issues – gather information on disability and accessibility issues on campus; initiate campus-wide conversations; promote awareness.

Agency and Capacity-Building – create opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to learn about accessibility issues.

Teaching and Learning – remove barriers to accessing an education at King’s.

Accessibility Services and Resources – provide services and assistive technologies (formats, training, assistive technology licences, etc.).

Research/Scholarship and Expertise – develop faculty expertise about accessibility practices and generate information about accessibility issues specific to King’s, using surveys and special inquiries if surveys reveal especially problematic issues. This includes college-wide issues as well as program-specific ones.

Accountability – develop robust reporting structures and oversight, and building in regular community assessment by means of a yearly survey, a scorecard, etc.

Communication Initiatives

Accessibility requirements for appointments

The Registrar’s Office will now inquire about accessibility needs on forms for appointments (academic advising) and campus tours (student recruitment), as well as receive feedback from on accessibility issues on follow-up surveys.

Forms accessible online

The Registrar’s Office, Bursar’s Office and Human Resources is in the process of ensuring that all required forms are accessible in both physical and digital forms.

Image descriptions and video captions

The Advancement Office is developing a photo asset bank that will includes alt descriptions for each photo. Videos shared on King’s social media accounts will soon include captions in a .srt format.