General Bursaries (Entrance and In-Course)

If you are a new or returning student who can demonstrate financial need, you are eligible to apply for a King’s bursary. The application involves a detailed listing of expenses and resources (including financial assistance sought elsewhere, such as the Canada Student Loans Program). Decisions are made on a rolling basis.

To apply

Please ensure the below PDF application form is completed in full, including:

  1. Budget chart (page 2): With the exception of University charges, all expenses and resources are for the eight-month academic year. To estimate your costs, please visit this page.
  2. Personal statement (page 2): In no more than 500 characters, tell us about your financial circumstances and why you want to be considered for a bursary. Please be sure to identify any exceptional circumstances that make you eligible.
  3. Attach your student loan assessment. International students are not required to provide a student loan assessment.

*Please note: A new application is required for each academic year.

Email completed application form to awards@ukings.ca.  If you have any questions, you may email this address as well.

Bursary Application

International Student Bursary

This bursary is an opportunity for international students and applicants to receive funding that covers financial need that is unmet with their own resources or financial aid and awards granted through the University of King’s College or financial aid and awards from any other sources.

Email completed application form to awards@ukings.ca.  If you have any questions, you may email this address as well.

Bursary Application

Urgent Need Bursary Program

This program is for students who find themselves in urgent financial need once in any given academic term. The program provides bursaries of up to $500, depending on the urgent need that is demonstrated by each applying student.

Urgent need bursaries will be paid directly to the students to whom they are awarded. They will not be applied against any money the student may owe the university on their student account.

These bursaries are open to all students regardless of whether they have or are eligible for a student loan. The only eligibility requirement is to be in urgent financial need. Students requiring greater assistance than is available through the urgent need bursary program are encouraged to apply for a general bursary or the appropriate government-funded student aid program.

To apply

Email awards@ukings.ca using the subject “Urgent Need Bursary” and provide a one-paragraph description of the urgent need and the circumstances giving rise to it. As ever, the privacy and confidentiality of each applying student will be respected.


University of King's College

The Acadia Broadcasting Bursary is granted to a student or students in the four-year Bachelor of Journalism (Honours) program, the one-year Bachelor of Journalism program, or the one-year Master of Journalism program who have demonstrated an interest in broadcast journalism and have demonstrated financial need. The award is open to all students, but preference will be given to a student or students from Nova Scotia or New Brunswick. The bursary can be given out as a single bursary or divided into two separate awards.

International travel and exchange bursaries

King’s understands that integrating an exchange or study abroad program into your degree can be an expensive venture. The following financial assistance is available to students:

University of King's College


The Study/Work International Fund (SWIF) provides funding to King’s students in financial need who wish to undertake an international placement as part of their academic program. Students are expected to apply at least one month prior to departure; however, if possible, applications should be submitted four to six weeks prior to departure to allow enough time for review and processing.


University of King's College


King’s students are also eligible to apply for the Godfrey Traveling Scholarship, which provides funds for up to a year of study, or to engage in a project connected with education or development work, in a developing country. This scholarship can also provide funding to students from developing countries to study at the College. For more details about how to apply for this award, please contact awards@ukings.ca


Questions about bursaries?

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Assistant Registrar – Institutional Research and Awards, Registrar's Office

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