Scholarship Policies

King’s Scholarships and Bursaries General Policy

The following points outline general policies which apply to the administration of entrance and in-course scholarships and bursaries awarded by the University of King’s College:

  • Major scholarships may not be deferred.
  • General entrance scholarships are tenable in the academic year immediately following their award unless arrangements are made to defer the scholarship to a subsequent academic year.
  • Major scholarships are offered in lieu of general entrance scholarships; students may accept a major scholarship or an entrance scholarship, but not both.  All scholarship recipients may still apply for financial-need-based awards.
  • All scholarships, prizes and bursaries will first be credited to the student’s account for payment of fees owed to the University (tuition, residence and other required fees). Any portion in excess of the aforementioned charges will be refunded to the student, normally after the final date for payment of tuition and fees each term.
  • Transfer students (including those transferring from Dalhousie to King’s) are not eligible for King’s scholarships in the year of transfer. After one year, such students are considered on the same basis as other students.
  • In all cases, students holding scholarships must be registered as King’s students in at least nine credit hours or the equivalent in each of the Fall and Winter terms. Should their registration fall below nine credit hours at any point in the year, the award will be prorated based on the number of months during which the student was in full-time attendance.
  • The names, hometown and programs of study of students who have received scholarships will be released to the donors of those awards.

Entrance Scholarships

General entrance scholarships are awarded to high school students who apply by March 1 and have achieved a scholarship average. Students will receive entrance scholarship offers by email as soon as their first term final grades have been received.

King’s also offers a number of major entrance scholarships to outstanding students who are admitted directly from high school to the first year of study in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Journalism (Honours), Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Science programs.

  • Please refer to our major entrance scholarships section for application forms, dates, and deadlines. Short-listed candidates for major awards will be notified as soon as the Scholarship Committee has made its decisions.

In-course Scholarships

Returning students will be considered for scholarships automatically at the end of each academic year; no special applications are necessary. King’s in-course scholarships are provided through various gifts, bequests and endowments, as well as from University funds.

  • Students who, in an Academic Year, have completed a full course load (i.e. 30 credit hours) and qualify for an in-course scholarship based on their academic record, will be eligible for 100% of their scholarship award. Students who, in an Academic Year, complete eighteen, twenty-one, twenty-four or twenty-seven credit hours or the equivalent and qualify for an in-course scholarship based on their academic record, will have their scholarship amount pro-rated according to the number of credits they completed in that Academic Year.
  • Qualified students who have had their scholarships prorated (as above) will be eligible to increase their scholarship award (to a maximum of 100%) if they complete further credit hours in a Summer session with a minimum GPA of 3.7, increasing the total number of credits completed within a calendar year (September 1-August 31). Reassessment will take into account all courses taken within the September to August period. The deadline for reassessing prorated scholarships is the last day to add courses in September.

Scholarship holders who plan to participate in study abroad programs or who wish to take a leave of absence from the University should consult the Academic Calendar for specific regulations or contact