Fifty years of FYP

Fifty years, fifty book lists. No textbooks.
Thousands of papers, thousands of students. No bad questions.
Countless debates, countless journeys. No limit to where it can take you.

Fifty years of FYP

Starting in September 2022, the King’s community will launch a year-long celebration in honour of the 50th anniversary of the Foundation Year Program (FYP). A year-long journey of texts and tutorials, arguments and essays, FYP is credited by many program alumni with teaching them to think critically and write persuasively. From Dante to Darwin, from Voltaire to Césaire, the book list may change but the premise remains the same: students form their own understanding of a work by reading the text itself, by attending lectures about the work and through discussion with peers and faculty.

Events are being planned to fête FYP throughout the 2022/23 academic year. Stay tuned for lectures, tutorials, debates and a book-length collection of written testimonials from FYP graduates from over the program’s first 50 years. Watch this space to find out what’s coming up and to learn how you can get involved in the celebrations.

Studied at King’s but didn’t take FYP? That’s no reason not to join in the fun! The events being planned are sure to entertain and all alumni are invited.

Check back on this page in the coming months for updates. Information will also be shared in the events section of King’s monthly Alumni Newsletter.

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