2019 Awards

Meagan Campbell, BJ(Hons.)’19, won the Governor-General’s Silver Medal for journalistic excellence at Encaenia. Read her citation.

Clare Sully-Stendahl, BA(Hons)’19, was awarded the King’s Medal, for the graduating student who “stands highest in an Honours program in an Arts or Science subject.” Read her citation.

Robyn Simon was awarded the Jim MacNeill Prize.

University medals are granted by each program in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to the student with the highest grade. King’s graduates won the following university medals:

  • University Medal in Spanish: Danna Deutsch
  • University Medal in Creative Writing: Liam Morantz
  • University Medal in Classics: Ethan Spiegel
  • University Medal in Gender & Women’s Studies: Shannon Stride
  • University Medal in French: Matthew Robert Apostolides
  • University Medal in Contemporary Studies: Clare Sully-Stendahl
  • University Medal in Early Modern Studies and in German: Charlotte Scromeda
  • University Medal in History of Science & Technology: Mary Innes