Dining FAQ

Can I eat in the dining hall if I don't live in residence? What's the cost?

We welcome everyone into Prince Hall. Guests and visitors from outside the residence community can purchase one of our community dining plans or pay the entry price.

What are dining dollars?

All residence meal plans have dining dollars attached to them. Dining dollars are funds that can be used throughout the academic school year to purchase food beyond the meal plan. Dining Dollars start the first day after the fall term due date and can be used in Prince Hall and at the following locations within the Dalhousie Student Union Building: Tim Hortons, Bento, Booster Juice and Mezza Lebanese Kitchen. Unused dining dollars cannot be carried forward and will be forfeited at the end of the residence contract.


Where and when can I use my dining dollars?

You can use your dining dollars at Prince hall, or in the Dalhousie Student Union Building (Tim Hortons, Bento, Booster Juice and Mezza Lebanese Kitchen) beginning on September 2024.

Can I top up funds on my Dalcard?

Yes! You can add funds to your online account for use at Prince Hall, the Dalhousie Student Union building and many other vendors in Halifax. Visit dalcard.dal.ca to load.

How do I find out the current balance of my dining dollars?

Students can log into dalcard.dal.ca with their NetID and password to obtain the balance of their dining dollars.

Can I change my residence meal plan?

While students can upgrade their residence meal plan at any time during the academic year, the deadline to reduce their residence meal plan for the academic year (September to April) is the fall term tuition and fee due date. For students new to residence in January, the deadline to reduce their meal plan for the winter term (January to April) is the winter term tuition and fee due date.

Is my meal plan refundable?

Residence meal plans are only refundable if you withdraw from the university. The cost will be pro-rated based on the number of days in residence from move-in day until the date of withdrawal noted on the academic withdrawal form. This is to be approved by the Dean of Students.

Community dining plans are non-refundable. Any bonus dollars, complimentary incentives and guest passes are not refundable. These plans are valid September through April and do not transfer to the following year.

What happens to my unused residence meal plan dining dollars?

Residence meal plan dining dollars not used at the end of the residence contract date will be forfeited.

Can I carry my community dining plan forward per year or term?

All community dining plans can be carried forward from semester to semester but expire when residences close in April. Please check with our food service office for complete details.

Can I take food out of the dining hall?

The dining plans allow for food to be consumed in Prince Hall only. Special cases may be made, but will need to be processed and approved by Andrea Lamb.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

The security of a card remains the cardholder’s responsibility. Cards should be treated like a credit or debit card. If a card is lost or stolen the cardholder is responsible for all charges made to that card until the card is reported lost or stolen. Report your lost or stolen card to support@dal.ca so the missing card will be deactivated and a new one issued.

What happens if I forget my card?

Your activated student card is the key to the whole meal plan system. If you forget it you will have to pay cash to gain access to the dining hall.

Can I lend my card to a friend or purchase a meal for a friend?

You are the only person able to use your meal card. If you would like to use a swipe on a friend, you can use your dal money or your dining dollars.

More questions? Get in touch:

Andrea Lamb

Interim Food Service Director, Dining Services

andrea.lamb@compass-canada.com | (902) 422-1271 ext. 155