Know Your Rights

Moving to Halifax – Information on Housing Availability

Halifax is experiencing several challenges regarding rental accommodations. Low availability mixed with low-vacancy rates, increased rents and a continued era of population growth have resulted in a more difficult time securing housing off-campus.

Safe Rentals & Tenant Rights

The University of King’s College is not liable or responsible for off-campus housing. It’s important that Day Student’s take the steps required to commit to their safety as renters. Renting safety and tenant’s rights are paramount considerations when searching for off-campus housing in Halifax. It’s essential to ensure that the rental property meets safety standards, including fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and secure locks on doors and windows. Familiarizing yourself with tenant rights, such as the right to a habitable living space, privacy and protection against unfair eviction or rent increases, empowers you to advocate for your rights as a renter.

Additionally, understanding the lease agreement thoroughly, including clauses regarding maintenance responsibilities, damage deposits (which cannot exceed 50% of one month’s rent) and lease termination terms, is crucial to prevent potential disputes with landlords. Keeping records of communication and documenting the property’s condition upon move-in can also safeguard your interests in case of disagreements or legal issues during your tenancy.

Dalhousie Legal Aid Service has put together a very helpful Tenant Rights Guide.
Dalhousie Legal Aid is a community based law clinic that University of King’s College students can utilize to review resources or seek legal aid, especially in regard to tenants’ rights.

You can find more information in the Nova Scotia Residential Tenancies Act.