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Searching for Off-Campus Housing

Searching for Off-Campus Housing

Moving to Halifax – Information on Housing Availability

Halifax is experiencing several challenges regarding rental accommodations. Low availability mixed with low-vacancy rates, increased rents and a continued era of population growth have resulted in a more difficult time securing housing off-campus.

Types of Off-Campus Housing

There are many types of housing options across the city. Furnished and unfurnished options are available in houses, apartments, townhomes and towers. Some styles of spaces include:

    • Bachelor/Studio: A bachelor/studio apartment typically consists of a single large room serving as both living and sleeping space, with a compact kitchenette and a separate bathroom.
    • Basements: A basement apartment, situated below ground level, often features limited natural light, comprising living quarters, a kitchen and a bathroom within a confined space. Ensure the space is well insulated and has ample lighting for comfort and functionality.
    • 1-, 2-, and 3-Bedroom Apartments: A one-bedroom apartment typically consists of a single bedroom, a living area, a kitchen and a bathroom, suitable for individuals or couples. A two-bedroom apartment offers an additional bedroom, ideal for small families or roommates, while a three-bedroom apartment provides further space, accommodating larger families or shared living arrangements.
    • Houses: A house rental typically comprises multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and living spaces spread across separate rooms or levels, offering more space and privacy compared to apartment living. Houses are often utilized for renting the rooms out individually or accommodating families seeking ample room for growth.

House Hunting

Wherever you live, remember that it will likely be your home for the next 8-12 months, or longer. House hunting for off-campus housing can be an exciting yet daunting task, but timing is crucial. While landlords advertise year-round, certain types of housing are more prevalent during specific times of the year. For example, if you’re searching for a student house with a group of friends, especially those requiring four or more bedrooms, these larger homes are often listed in December and January for May occupancy. However, don’t fret if you haven’t found the perfect fit by the end of the school year. Many more options become available later on, so take your time and don’t feel pressured to sign a lease for the first house you see. Instead, prioritize factors such as location, amenities, lease terms and compatibility with potential housemates to ensure a smooth and enjoyable living experience.


Finding a good roommate is crucial for fostering a harmonious living environment, as they can greatly impact your daily life and overall well-being. Compatibility in terms of lifestyle, communication and shared responsibilities can contribute to a positive experience and enhance the quality of your off-campus housing arrangement.


Researching the neighbourhood you’re considering in Halifax is vital as it can significantly impact your overall living experience, especially for university students. Many students gravitate towards neighborhoods on the Halifax Peninsula such as the South End, Downtown, and the North End, due to their proximity to the University, their vibrant atmospheres and amenities catering to student life. Areas like Clayton Park and Fairview are also popular choices for students seeking affordable housing options with convenient access to public transportation and essential services.

Factors such as safety, proximity to amenities like grocery stores, restaurants and public transportation, as well as the overall vibe of the area, can influence your day-to-day life and contribute to a positive living experience. Moreover, understanding the local rental market trends and property values can help you make an informed decision about rent affordability. Finally, delving into the community’s demographics, cultural attractions and recreational opportunities can help you determine whether the neighborhood aligns with your lifestyle preferences and interests.


Knowing your travel times in Halifax with transit is crucial for planning your daily routines effectively and avoiding unnecessary stress. Understanding the bus routes, schedules and potential delays can help you manage your time efficiently, ensuring punctuality for classes, work and other commitments. Additionally, being aware of transit options can broaden your accessibility to various parts of the city, enhancing your overall mobility and convenience as a resident or student in Halifax. Check out more at the Halifax Transit page.

Rental Platforms

King’s students are encouraged to explore off-campus housing options. One popular site among our students, as well as those from Dalhousie University, is places4students. Here, students can browse rental listings, including sublet searches and roommate finder tools, as well as view rental listing photos and more.

Students may also wish to search for rentals on other online platforms, such as:

There are also housing groups on Facebook for the 2SLGBTQ+ community:

Disclaimer: While King’s College recognizes the significance of students finding safe and suitable housing, it does not endorse or favor any specific rental listing service or accommodation provider. Students are encouraged to independently research and carefully consider their housing options. King’s College assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, quality, or safety of any housing listings. Ultimately, the decision to select accommodation lies with the students, and they are advised to exercise caution and diligence in their choices.