Honours Applications

Learn about the requirements for each degree type and the process for applying for an honours degree.

Honours and Major Degrees Comparison



Degree Types

  • Major
  • Double Major
  • Concentrated Honours
  • Combined Honours

GPA Requirement*

2.00 for Arts and
  • 2.70 for Arts and Journalism
  • 3.00 for Science

Credit Hours

  • Major: 30-42
  • Double Major: 60-84
  • Concentrated: 54-66
  • Combined: 66-84


No thesis requirementThesis requirement in
final year

*Honours GPA requirements can vary by subject area – be sure to review the Academic Calendar entry for your area of study.

Honours Application FAQ

When should I fill out the application?

You should fill out your application before the start of your final year. Check with your department to see what their deadline is.

How do I fill out my classes and know my requirements?

Check your Academic Record on Dal Online for a list of your past courses. You can find your requirements in the Academic Calendar for the year you began your studies.

Who do I send my application to?

You will send your application to your department’s head or honours advisor. You will need to do this for both departments if you are completing a combined honours.

Who should I submit my application to?

You can submit your application to the Registrar’s Office at registrar@ukings.ca.