Honours Applications

Learn about the requirements for each degree type and the process for applying for an honours degree.

Honours and Major Degrees Comparison



Degree Types

  • Major
  • Double Major
  • Concentrated Honours
  • Combined Honours

GPA Requirement*

2.00 for Arts and
  • 2.70 for Arts and Journalism
  • 3.00 for Science

Credit Hours

  • Major: 30-42
  • Double Major: 60-84
  • Concentrated: 54-66
  • Combined: 66-84


No thesis requirement Thesis requirement in
final year

*Honours GPA requirements can vary by subject area – be sure to review the Academic Calendar entry for your area of study.

Honours Application FAQ

When should I fill out the application?

You should fill out an honours application before the start of your final year of study. Typically, this is in year 3 of a 4-year degree. Check with your honours subject advisor for your department’s submission deadlines, as they can vary.

Where can I find the application?

Journalism students who wish to complete a combined honours degree will download one of two combined honours application forms, depending on when they began study: ·

Combined Honours Application for students who began in 2019-2020 or before [PDF]

Combined Honours Application for students who began in 2020-2021 or after [PDF]

Have it signed by both departments and return it to the Registrar’s Office. Forms can also be picked up at the Registrar’s Office.

NOTE: It can take up to five years to complete a combined honours degree in journalism. Please consult the Registrar’s Office or the Undergraduate Coordinator in the School of Journalism for guidance.

Arts or science students who wish to complete a single or combined honours degree can download Dalhousie’s Honours Application Form [PDF], or pick up a copy at the King’s Registrar’s Office. The form must be signed by the applicable departments and returned to the Registrar’s Office.

How do I fill in the form?

1) Fill in your name, student number, email, phone number and address. It is important that the address you provide on the form should be one to which you will have access upon graduation.

2) Fill in the year and semester for when you are submitting the application.

3) Arts or science students are given the option to choose between a BA and BSc, and to indicate the following:

  • if your program is Co-op
  • if you are pursuing an upgrade via the Honours Conversion Program (returning to upgrade a previous major or minor type degree to Honours)
  • if you are pursuing a minor
  • what type of degree program you are applying for (Concentrated or Combined honours)

4) Fill in your honours subject(s). If you are in a Concentrated Honours in Arts or Science, you will only have to write one subject (e.g. Law, Justice and Society). If you are in a Combined Honours, your primary subject will be the subject in which you have more credit hours and in which you will write your thesis. Your secondary subject will go in the second space (e.g. Contemporary Studies and Political Science). For Journalism students, write in your secondary Combined Honours subject.

5) You will need to fill in every course you have taken and plan to take in your degree. For journalism students, please note that the requirements for Journalism are already filled in on the form.

Access a list of all the courses you have taken by viewing your Academic Record through your Dal Online account. If there are specific courses that you need to take in your final year to fulfill your degree requirements, such as an honours seminar course, please ensure these are filled in on the form.

If you have not finalized your courses for your final year of study, write in the subject code, level and number of credit hours you still require in a generic format. For example, if you know you need to complete a remaining 9.0 credit hours in 3000-level History of Science and Technology classes, you can fill in ‘HSTC 3XXX.09’.

6) After you have filled in your courses, sign the application in the Student’s Signature/Signature of Applicant area. The application must then be signed by the departmental honours advisor (or Director of Journalism, Contemporary Studies, Early Modern Studies or History of Science and Technology) for each subject you are applying for.

You will need one signature for Concentrated Honours and two signatures for Combined Honours. These signatures are from the departmental advisor, not your thesis supervisor. The application can be signed either in-person or digitally.

How do I know what my degree requirements are?

If you have any questions about what courses you should be taking, we strongly recommend meeting with your honours subject departmental advisor and consulting the King’s Academic Calendar and/or Dal Academic Calendar of the year you began your degree. You can also meet with a King’s Academic Advisor by booking an appointment online or emailing registrar@ukings.ca.

Who do I submit the application to?

You can submit your application in-person at the Registrar’s Office, or digitally via email to registrar@ukings.ca