Boil Water Advisory (Update)

Update – Tuesday, July 2, 2024 (evening) – Further to yesterday’s message, Halifax Peninsula, including the University of King’s College, continues to be under a boil water advisory.

This advisory is due to an electrical issue at the JD Kline (Pockwock) Lake Water Treatment Facility, which had allowed a limited amount of unchlorinated water to enter the system. Halifax water staff are currently tracking this issue and are working on options to flush the untreated drinking water out of the system.

Halifax water is recommending any water be boiled for at least one minute if it will be used for: drinking, preparing infant formula, making ice cubes or juices, washing fruits or vegetables, cooking, brushing teeth, or any other activity requiring human consumption.

Where tasks allow, personnel are encouraged work remotely so they may more readily have access to drinking water – if you are unsure, please discuss this matter with your supervisor or manager.

If your tasks require you to be on campus during the boil water advisory, please be sure to bring an appropriate daily supply of drinking water, which you have already boiled, with you.

Halifax Water has a boil water advisory fact sheet.