Contemporary Studies journal showcases student academic work

Contemporary Studies journal showcases student academic work

Students in the Contemporary Studies Program (CSP) have published vol. XXVI of Hinge, the journal of student academic work.

The program, which celebrated its 25th anniversary with a conference and alumni panel last year, has produced a journal each year since its establishment in 1993. Students revise papers originally submitted for course work and publish a volume of their collected academic work.

There were some additional challenges in producing this year’s volume, as the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated completing the project remotely. Several papers in this volume were presented at the student “Conference of the Contemporary” on February 8. Just over one month later, students were working from home.

In this volume, Emma Metallic writes about Indigenous Feminist Legal Theory, Caleb Sher discusses emptiness and memory in Sebald’s “Max Ferber”, and Marlee Sansom addresses Rogers Chair in Communications Sylvia Hamilton’s And I Alone Escaped to Tell You, among other papers.

“Despite our current inability to replicate how fun, and vitalizing, in-person academic conversation can be, we hope that we can still reproduce some of the sense of awe we feel when considering the thought-provoking and nuanced work of our peers,” notes Editor-in-Chief Ghislaine Sinclair and Publisher Violet Pask in their introduction.

Panelists at the Conference of the Contemporary

Contemporary studies alumni participated in a panel at last year’s 25th anniversary celebration.

Many of the contributors to this year’s Hinge are graduates from the Class of 2020, including Sinclair, Pask and Sher, editors Gillian Gawron, Alia Hazineh and Sophie Vaisman and authors Jacob Hermant and Rachel O’Brien.

You can find stories about Contemporary Studies graduates and other King’s alumni on King’s Community.

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