“Early Modern Times” blog links past to present

"Early Modern Times” blog links past to present

Dr. Simon Kow, director of the Early Modern Studies Program and associate professor of Humanities, recently started a weekly blog. In the aptly named Early Modern Times, he looks at how the early modern period is still very much present in today’s world.

“Each post reflects Faulkner’s comment that ‘The past is never dead. It’s not even past,’ ” Simon explains. “It also reflects my immoderate love of wordplay—in the spirit of James Joyce’s brilliant quip that ‘the pun is mightier than the sword’—ranging from The Diarrhea of Samuel Pepys to the tale of Dick Whittington and his Cat-egorical Imperative.”

You can also learn more about Simon including who in the early modern times era he’d like to have tea with, and what he considers the best pun he ever made in class, in this video.

Also please stay tuned for forthcoming details of the Jan. 26-27 Early Modern Studies conference.

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